Artist Call Arts & Parts Runway Challenge

We are excited to announce the 2nd annual Arts & Parts Fashion & Costume Runway Contest.  Adult/Senior entries and show will be at our Kentucky Derby Jubilee Fundraiser event at St. James Community Center May 6, 2022.  Youth entires show will be at our 2nd Annual Solstice by the SEA Festival June 18, 2022, at Middleton Park on Oak Island, NC.  This is for all ages, from child to adult.  Entry fee $25. Prizes- Adult $150 1st place, 2nd Ribbon, 3rd Ribbon. Senior $100 1st place, 2nd Place Ribbon, 3rd Place Ribbon. Fascinator Hat $100 1st Place, 2nd Place Ribbon, 3rd Place Ribbon. Entries may be limited or capped.  See for more

Link to Application

Link to Entry fee

The NEA Big Read Cape Fear

Thank you for your interest in The Big READ: Cape Fear.
Brunswick Arts Council is pleased to be the partner in this brand new project with 3 counties working together under an NEA Grant. Each year we will select a new book for the Big READ.
We are pleased to have as many Brunswick County resident who would like to participate.
The project  takes place from October 2021 to April 2022.
The House on Mango Street is the selected as the book.  FYI we are distributing 20 copies to each  of the 5 Brunswick County Libraries.  In addition other copies are being given to Senior Centers and for homeschool participants.  A total of 200 books will be given across  Brunswick County by BAC.
BAC will give:
- 5 books to each BCSD Middle School Library
- 4 tickets to each BCSD Middle School for the Meet the Author zoom Event on November 4 at Kenan Auditorium UNCW
- April 9 activity in Wilmington TBA
Action To Do:
After reading the book and if any teachers wish to incorporate this book into their curriculum…
1) Your school library can host a book discussion
2) We ask that your students create an original work  of art that “Interprets their community”
They may choose any desired Art form (visual, 3D, performance, writing/poetry, textile, dance, music).
These works can be showcased by Brunswick Arts Council in the spring 2022.
For art project completion submission to your library -March 31,2022
BAC will work with you to collect works & display into the community.
Please track the number of students who read & participate and provide to BAC.
Thank you for participating with Brunswick Arts Council and the first annual The Big READ:Cape Fear.
If there is a related activity you wish to suggest- by all means… we’d love to hear about it! This is a fluid, community project.


Solstice By The Sea Festival June 18, 2022

Please enjoy the videos from our 2021 Solstice by the SEA Festival  Information regarding our 2022 Solstice by the SEA Festival are soon coming!

Join Us for our 2nd Annual Solstice by the Sea Festival !

MUSIC, DANCE, ARTS & CRAFTS, POETRY, STORY TELLING, FOOD & , Saturday, June 18, 2022 10 AM-8:00 PM –  Headliner Band  7pm.

Join us for this free community event! This day of local Brunswick arts and activities is brought to you by Brunswick Arts Council, Friends of Oak Island Parks, Southport Evening Rotary, Inspirations Dance Centre & The SoundHouse.  The Middleton Sports Fields (46th & Dolphin St.) will have multiple places set up –

Stage 1 (Raised) Music & More

10 AM            TBA

10:50 AM       TBA

11:40 AM       TBA

12:25 PM      TBA

12:50 PM      TBA

2 PM              TBA

3:15 PM        TBA

4:30 PM        TBA

5:45 PM        TBA

7 PM              TBA

Stage 2 (Performance Tent) Dance & More

10 AM             Open with Brunswick Sheriffs

10:10 AM        TBA

12:15 PM        TBA

12:30 PM        TBA

2:45 PM          TBA

3:00 PM         TBA

4PM                Arts & Parts Recycled Fashion

5PM               TBA

6PM              TBA

BAC Hospitality Tent

10 AM -7 PM  TBA

2-4 PM          TBA

Arts & Crafts Vendors & Community Booths

10 AM to @5 PM        Visit these different artists & community booths— buy a gift, find that gift or cool art you’ve always wanted or come meet your neighbors. And see what community groups are helping to make Brunswick County special!

Solstice Wish Tent

10 AM to @ 7 PM       Make a wish & Tie a ribbon!

Our Sponsors are:

Bronze Level



Food Truck Vendors

  • TBA

Enjoy the eats!



20th Annual BAC Fall Art Show

We are pleased to showcase the creativity of our  local Brunswick County Artists  at the 20th Annual BAC Fall Art Show.  Come see the two and three dimensional works - many of which are for sale. Support your neighbors, family and friends by coming to view their original artworks. Thank you to Phil Meade for his phenomenal judging skills at this year's event.

The Show will be held at Sunset River Marketplace in Calabash, so plan time to browse around and see all the additional works of arts & crafts by all of the artists in the Gallery.  Don't miss Richard Staat's work as the featured artist for the month of October. The Gallery hours are Monday through Saturday 11 AM to 5 PM.


Exhibition Dates are:

Monday October 12 through Saturday, October 17, 2020

Due to Covid19, we will not be having an evening reception this year - however the Awards will be presented to the winners on Thursday, October 15, 2020, 4 to 5 PM.

For more information about other  volunteer opportunities for  the Fall Art Show, contact, Chairperson JoAnn Staat at



Brunswick Arts Council is seeking volunteers to help with our 20th Annual Art Show.  We are seeking Gallery Sitters.  Gallery Sitters are able to sit for 2.5 hours, to help greet visitors, provide information and help with sale of arts show works.  Dates we are looking for volunteers are: October 13 Noon-3 pm; October 15, 3-5 pm and  Oct 17, 10 am-12:30 pm. The Show will be held at Sunset River Marketplace in Calabash.

To volunteer call/text Mary Beth at 910.448.1016 or email

For more information about other  volunteer opportunities for  the Fall Art Show, contact, Chairperson JoAnn Staat at

Meet the Mural Artists

Gaeten Lowrie:

Gaeten Lowrie is a visual artist based in Wilmington, NC, USA. He is most known for his signature pen & ink style, which is often compared to stained glass because of its highly-saturated jewel tones. Artist Gaeten Lowrie’s murals perfectly depict the positive vibes in Leland’s new Eternal Sunshine Café and LunaBelle Gift Shop and Gallery. For a complete interview see:

Nancy Turner:
Nancy Turner lives in Southport, North Carolina where she creates art and teaches it. She is originally from Massachusetts but has been a North Carolina resident for twenty years now. Nancy is a visual artist who paints with acrylics, oils, watercolors, and her favorite; alcohol inks. She also creates and sells Resin art, such as coasters and lazy Susan’s. Her favorite piece of art that she has created is the image below of the ship on glass with the alcohol inks.

How did you get into art initially?
“In school I did mostly charcoal portraits, but life and work took over. Ironically, at 65 I attended a paint and sip party aboard a cruise ship in Hawaii. I fell in love with painting again and came home and started creating.”

How has your art changed over time?

“My art has dramatically changed, from classes, to practice, practice, practice. I usually paint everyday. I’ve explored all mediums; even making jewelry with alcohol inks.”

Have you always wanted to create art?
“Yes, and I can’t wait to start on the wall mural in Holden Beach.”

Who inspires you the most?
“Certainly the obvious ones; Van Gogh, Manet, etcetera, but I’ve also learned a lot from painters such as Bob Ross and Leonid Afremov.” Nancy also credits some of her inspiration to the Alcohol Ink Society’s talented artists and teachers, who give her monthly challenges to expand her comfort zone.

What is the best piece of advice you have been given?
“Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they like it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.” – Andy Warhol