About Artist Support Network Grants

We’re pleased be able to grant funds to local community individual artists working in Brunswick County.  This grant cycle is once a year. Working together with Columbus and New Hanover Arts Councils, BAC promotes and supports this grant program funded from NC Arts Council.

Grant applications will be submitted to New Hanover Arts Council.

Visit this page in July 2023 for the application for FY 23-24 guidelines & deadline information for this program.


Congratulations to Brunswick County Artists:


Deborah Appleby  Visual arts- Pottery $1,000

Equipment purchase (kiln with furniture kit).


Terri Brown Literary Arts – $1,000

Two week’s Writer’s retreat, travel & food for the third novel (historical fiction about healing arts practiced in the Appalachians from the 1800s to early 1900s.


Stephani Byrd   Film Arts $1,000

Equipment Purchase Here/There, a multi media collaboration on an immersive visual and sonic experience that traces the impact of the transcontinental train system in America.


Bradley Eklund    Visual Arts – Wood $1,000

Equipment purchase (cyclone dust collector with fittings & accessories).


Kari Feurer    Visual Arts – $745

Ongoing membership in  Mastrius.com an online platform that provides teaching, mentoring, & interactive techniques to small groups.


Jeri Greenberg   Visual Arts –  $1,000

Framing, Matting & museum glass for upcoming exhibit.


Beth Klahre   Music Arts – $822.95

Instruction for Harp for Healing Certification.


Kristia Merriam    Visual Arts – Oil  $1,000

Professional Grade oil paints, supplies, backdrop & tables.


Ricardo Perez    Visual Arts – Painting  $1,000

Equipment purchase of professional oil paint, support equipment, supplies & canvases.





What is the North Carolina Artist Support Grant?

The North Carolina Arts Council launched the Artist Support Grant last year to support individual artists during the COVID-19 pandemic. The program builds upon the former Regional Artist Project Grant Program, funding the professional and artistic development of emerging or established artists so they can create work, improve their business operations, or bring their work to new audiences. The Artist Support Grant program is a partnership of the North Carolina Arts Council and the state’s extensive local arts council network.  The Arts Council of Wilmington & New Hanover administers the grant for New Hanover, Brunswick, Pender, Columbus, and Bladen counties.

What types of activities can an Artist Support Grant fund?

The grants may be used for artistic and professional development, such as the creation of new work, website development, equipment purchases, research, and more.

Who is eligible to apply for an Artist Support Grant?

Artists pursuing projects to expand their practices and further their artistic careers should apply for the grant. Artists in all stages of their careers—emerging, midcareer, or established—may apply.


When are Artist Support Grant applications due?

The application cycle will run August 1 – Mid-September, 2023. Below you can see what the applications and materials requested by reviewing last year’s application.  Do not submit this for FY23-24.  A new application for will be available later in summer 2023.  The link below is for  informational purposes only.

Click here for the Artist Support Grant Application and Guidelines 2022-2023




Guidelines and Information

The Artist Support Grant was created to provide direct support to individual artists during and following the COVID-19 pandemic. The initiative will fund professional and artistic development for emerging and established artists to enhance their skills and abilities to create work or to improve their business operations and capacity to bring their work to new audiences. 
Artists representing visual, craft, performing, traditional, and interdisciplinary art forms are encouraged to apply. Applicants should demonstrate a commitment to spending a significant portion of their time on their work as artists. The Artist Support Grants will support projects from October 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024. Awards may range from [grant amount range]. Applicants may receive full or partial funding.


  • Individuals and Artist Collectives — Both individual artists and small, unincorporated groups of collaborating artists are eligible to apply.
  • Residency — Artists should have lived continuously in the region where they are applying for at least one year before the consortium’s application deadline. An applicant must be at least 18 years old and either a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident alien. The consortium may require proof of residence and status. Artists who live in more than one region should apply only where they spend most of the year. All members of a collaborating team must be North Carolina residents, live in the region in which they are applying, and meet the other eligibility requirements. Résumés documenting residence for all team members should be included with the application.
  • Multiple Awards — Artists who are sole proprietors of organizations that have already received funding from the N.C. Arts Council are ineligible to apply.
  • Conflict of Interest — Current board and staff members of the consortium partner organizations and their family members are not eligible to apply for the award.
  • Student Status — The Artist Support Grant is intended for adult, non-student artists. Artists enrolled full-time in undergraduate or associate degree-granting programs may not apply for the grant. Artists in certificate programs are generally eligible. Artists pursuing graduate degrees in subjects other than their art form may be eligible if they meet the other eligibility criteria. Other questions and special circumstances should be discussed with N.C. Arts Council staff.


Eligible Projects and Costs

Up to 50 percent of the grant amount may be used for artist fees.

  • Completion/Presentation of a New Work — Cost of resources necessary to complete or present a significant new work (e.g., purchasing art supplies or equipment (digital may qualify) or space rental)
  • Career Promotion — Projects aimed at advertising artists’ work and/or demonstrating their skill level (e.g., websites, portfolios, audio-visual documentation, and online presentation)
  • Training — Costs to attend a class or workshop (in-person or virtual) aimed at either enhancing the artist’s skill level or professional development (e.g., a master class or workshop taught by acknowledged authorities in the applicant artist’s medium)
  • Travel — Costs of transportation, lodging, and food for training, professional conferences, or research as allowed or possible while adhering to social distancing guidelines


Ineligible Projects and Costs

  • Scholarships for undergraduate or graduate-level education
  • Projects that support or oppose a particular candidate for public office
  • Projects that are exclusive to members of a particular religious faith group
  • Projects that do not have a direct effect on the applicant’s growth as an artist (e.g., the promotion of other artists’ work) 



Applications must be completed and submitted online to  info@artswilmington.org with the subject line ASG 2021-2022 or mailed or hand- delivered to 221 N. Front St., Suite 101, Wilmington, NC 28401 by 5:00 p.m. on deadline to be announced later in summer 2023.  

Evaluation Criteria

  • Overall excellence of the applicant’s artwork as demonstrated by work samples
  • Feasibility of the proposed project
  • Contribution of the proposed project to the advancement of the applicant’s professional artistic development and practice 

Review Process

All completed Artist Support Grant applications will be judged by a multicounty panel of established artists, arts professionals, and arts educators and administrators who will review and evaluate the applications and allocate funds for selected projects.

Information and Assistance

For more information, please contact Rhonda Bellamy at info@artswilmington.org 
or by calling 910-343-0998. 
Two Artist Project Grant Workshops will be held via Zoom links listed at 
Local Arts Council Contact Information 
The Arts Council of Wilmington & NHC 
c/o Rhonda Bellamy, Executive Director/Grant Administrator 
(910) 343-0998 
Brunswick County Arts Council 
c/o Mary Beth Livers, Executive Director  
Columbus County Arts Council 
c/o Sally Mann, Executive Director 
(910) 640-2787 

Download Guidelines PDF

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Applications Accepted must be received by Saturday, September 24, 2022.

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Recent Grant Recipients

Meet Intarsia Artist, Bradley Eklund, Regional Artist Grantee from Brunswick County 2022-23

Bradley Eklund and his wife, Hazel Trinidad, are local wood artists who specialize in an art form known as Intarsia, which uses small segments of wood that can be shaped, carved, and assembled to create an image of some sort. They also create Free Standing Puzzles, which are similar to jigsaw puzzles except they stand up, and use the same tools and techniques as Intarsia. Both of these art forms require much skill, and ultimately are very time consuming and tedious. Bradley would love to see more diverse artists and Intarsia artists come out and express their work.

How did you initially get into wood art?

“I was wood-working probably at 10 years old. My grandfather originally did it just as a hobby, and he kind of taught me a little bit. Then I went to high school and we had a big wood working shop there. I spent a lot of time there. I also had a neighbor who took me on as an apprentice, and he was an antique furniture replicator and restorer. He kind of taught me some things, also.” Bradley and Hazel, initially took this up as a hobby, but have been doing it full time since 2014. He would describe himself as an “accidental artist”, for he did not intend for it to become a full time job.

How has your art changed over time?

“We first started making things; they were just puzzles. We still make puzzles, but now we don’t use any stains or dyes and we use premium and high quality woods. It has just gotten a lot more refined.” They now create their own designs all from scratch and have a much bigger variety, while in the past they purchased the designs from magazines.

What inspires you and your work the most?

“Both myself and my wife are big environmental minded people. Something that is really important to us is the environment and wildlife, so we try to capture that in the work that we make. The other inspiration I’d say would probably be our kids. We have two kids, a 9 year boy, Tristan, and a 5 year old girl, Lily.”

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

“Never say never, because you never know, and if that was the case I would’ve not thought that I could be doing this now.” Overall, it has taken a lot of time and dedication, but what once used to be a hobby, is now a full time job for Bradley and Hazel.
Marvel at the beautiful wood piece below done by Eklund!
Check out more of this artists work: 


830 Little Macedonia Rd NW, Supply, NC 28462

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