Thank you for your interest in The Big READ: Cape Fear.
Brunswick Arts Council is pleased to be the partner in this brand new project with 3 counties working together under an NEA Grant. Each year we will select a new book for the Big READ.
We are pleased to have as many Brunswick County resident who would like to participate.
The project  takes place from October 2021 to April 2022.
The House on Mango Street is the selected as the book.  FYI we are distributing 20 copies to each  of the 5 Brunswick County Libraries.  In addition other copies are being given to Senior Centers and for homeschool participants.  A total of 200 books will be given across  Brunswick County by BAC.
BAC will give:
– 5 books to each BCSD Middle School Library
– 4 tickets to each BCSD Middle School for the Meet the Author zoom Event on November 4 at Kenan Auditorium UNCW
– April 9 activity in Wilmington TBA
Action To Do:
After reading the book and if any teachers wish to incorporate this book into their curriculum…
1) Your school library can host a book discussion
2) We ask that your students create an original work  of art that “Interprets their community”
They may choose any desired Art form (visual, 3D, performance, writing/poetry, textile, dance, music).
These works can be showcased by Brunswick Arts Council in the spring 2022.
For art project completion submission to your library -March 31,2022
BAC will work with you to collect works & display into the community.
Please track the number of students who read & participate and provide to BAC.
Thank you for participating with Brunswick Arts Council and the first annual The Big READ:Cape Fear.
If there is a related activity you wish to suggest- by all means… we’d love to hear about it! This is a fluid, community project.