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Save -A- Vet News & Events

Hello Local Artists,

On November 6th, Save A Vet Now, a local non-profit dedicated to veteran suicide awareness and prevention, will hold its Artwork Can Save A Vet Fundraiser to benefit its Veterans Outreach Program administered by Wilmington’s Coastal Horizons. One hundred percent of the proceeds are earmarked specifically for the treatment of local veterans with suicide ideation.

The event will spotlight artwork produced by local veterans, but the main idea is to feature local artists wishing to donate a piece of their own artwork to this worthy cause. Marketing will center on the theme of Local Artists Helping Local Veterans.  Sales will be made by silent auction, with a minimum starting bid set at 80 percent of retail value and with appropriate minimum increments.

If you are willing, please provide artwork of any size which is reflective of your best effort. Contributions should be in a state comparable to retail sales.  Paintings must be originals and suitably framed.  Please provide your name and contact info, your company if applicable, a description of your donation, and the suggested retail price for your contribution. Save A Vet Now will recognize your donation in letter form which you can use for tax purposes.

  • Save A Vet Now will accept donated artwork from 1:00PM to 4:00PM on September 25, 2021 at Inspirations Dance Centre at 91 W Boiling Springs Road, Southport NC 28461.

Please check back for more artwork collection sites to be announced.


Spark the Arts Luncheon & Roundtable November 5th, 2021

Come Network with us- artists, businesses, galleries, teachers, arts-supporters, community & tourism groups and more are welcome!

Spark the Arts is an awareness campaign designed to inspire public participation in the arts across North Carolina by highlighting the unique way the arts lift spirits, bring people together, and heal.

Our goal is to ignite the resurgence of North Carolina’s arts sector from the pandemic by connecting residents and visitors to arts experiences and arts stories across our state.

Come get together with your fellow arts community and businesses at Leland Cultural Arts Center 1212 Magnolia Village Way, Leland, NC 28451  Let's begin to find out how we are each Sparking the arts in the ebb and flow of the Pandemic.  All  materials and lunch will be provided, $25 registration fee. Veterans are free.

Questions or to register, contact Mary Beth Livers at execdir.brunswickartscouncil@gmail.com

NC Arts Council Spark the Arts Website

NC Arts Council Resources for Local Arts Council's

Meet Brunswick Intarsia Artist: Bradley Eklund

Photo: Bradley Eklund and Rhonda Bellamy of New Hanover Arts Council. Brunswick County Artist Bradley received a Regional Artist Grant to allow him to purchase a sander. Brunswick Arts Council is a partner with this grant program- congratulations! Article by Megan Pedigo, BAC Intern.

Bradley Eklund and his wife, Hazel Trinidad, are local wood artists who specialize in an art form known as Intarsia, which uses small segments of wood that can be shaped, carved, and assembled to create an image of some sort. They also create Free Standing Puzzles, which are similar to jigsaw puzzles except they stand up, and use the same tools and techniques as Intarsia. Both of these art forms require much skill, and ultimately are very time consuming and tedious. Bradley would love to see more diverse artists and Intarsia artists come out and express their work.

How did you initially get into wood art?
“I was wood-working probably at 10 years old. My grandfather originally did it just as a hobby, and he kind of taught me a little bit. Then I went to high school and we had a big wood working shop there. I spent a lot of time there. I also had a neighbor who took me on as an imprentence, and he was an antique furniture replicator and restorer. He kind of taught me some things, also.” Bradley and Hazel, initially took this up as a hobby, but have been doing it full time since 2014. He would describe himself as an “accidental artist”, for he did not intend for it to become a full time job.
How has your art changed over time?
“We first started making things; they were just puzzles. We still make puzzles, but now we don’t use any stains or dyes and we use premium and high quality woods. It has just gotten a lot more refined.” They now create their own designs all from scratch and have a much bigger variety, while in the past they purchased the designs from magazines.
What inspires you and your work the most?
“Both myself and my wife are big environmental minded people. Something that is really important to us is the environment and wildlife, so we try to capture that in the work that we make. The other inspiration I’d say would probably be our kids. We have two kids, a 9 year boy, Tristan, and a 5 year old girl, Lily.”
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
“Never say never, because you never know, and if that was the case I would’ve not thought that I could be doing this now.” Overall, it has taken a lot of time and dedication, but what once used to be a hobby, is now a full time job for Bradley and Hazel.


830 Little Macedonia Rd NW, Supply, NC 28462