unnamed (11) This is our very own Connie Enis with THE DRIFTERS! She is joined by Jessica Johns. Connie arranged for this legendary group to stay over after their phenomenal performance on Tuesday,  April 19th to entertain and teach our middle school students from all over Brunswick County.


The Brunswick Arts Council proudly sponsored this event. Dr. Eric Turner worked with Connie to make this happen. He encouraged the students using an acronym “DOED” that hopefully they will remember to help them become successful. It stands for Destination, Occupation, Education and Determination. Jerome Jackson, who has been with the group the longest (26 years), explained the history of the group and took everyone on a ride down memory lane!
We are very appreciative to The Drifters and wish them future success with their tour. 0420161015


We also thank the members of the Brunswick Arts Council. Without your support events like this cannot happen. If you have not renewed your membership this year, you can do so here.  If anyone would like to be on the site to promote their craft please contact us at artsinbc@gmail.com

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