Jewelry by Wendy
10152 Beach Drive SW @ The Cottages, Calabash, NC, 28467, NC, 28467
910-575- 0024 or 910-398- 5514
This event is open to anyone Artist, Amateur, or Professional, who wishes to participate and has their own
supplies and easels. All artists may use any medium, but must paint in the “plein aire tradition.”
Registration: $25.00  (Students paint FREE)

Click here for application form.

Painting begins at 10:00 am, after your canvas, paper or other support has been verified and stamped.
Only officially stamped art can be sold at the Wet Paint Sale at the end of the day.
No pre-painted or pre-drawn out materials are allowed. No Maximum size. But the picture that you decide to
put into the Art Show for “award” must be framed at the end of the day.
Friday- early Check In: If you want to paint the sunrise or rather check in the day before, you have the option
to check in early at Jewelry By Wendy. We work on the honor system, so please limit your painting to 4 hours.

Saturday: Check In – Starts at 8am at Jewelry By Wendy

Painting: 9am – 1:00pm Plein- Aire painting is to be done in and around Calabash. A map is available to help
you with places that are interesting to paint. This year we have expanded our boundaries to include Sunset
Beach Park. Enjoy your day!
Lunch- Lunch is included in registration. You have the option of picking up your lunch early in the morning at
registration or eating it at the end of the day after painting.

MEET THE ARTISTS – Wet Paint Sale 2pm – 3pm Set up: 1:30 – 2pm
An exhibit area will be provided for finished art work along the sidewalks outside in the courtyard at “The
Cottages,” by Jewelry By Wendy. Please let everyone you know about the event. It will be advertised in the
local newspapers and in Wendy’s newsletter and online. This year look for it in The Grand Stand Magazine
and on the Billboard the week before our show on Rte 17N at Thomasboro Rd. intersection. A 10%
commission will be paid to Jewelry By Wendy for sponsoring the show, in event you sell your painting. We will
have a “Peoples Vote” for the “Best in Show.” A ribbon and monetary reward will be presented.
To participate ALL ARTISTS MUST PROVIDE THEIR OWN EASEL. This year again we will have an ongoing
Craft Show during the day to generate more public interest and make it more of festival event.

MAIL CHECKS: Make Checks Out to: Jewelry By Wendy $25.00
Jewelry By Wendy
101052 Beach Drive SW, Unit 6
Calabash, NC 28467

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