OAK ISLAND ART GUILD WORKSHOP  will be held March 10, 2017, at the Oak Island Recreation Center, E Oak Island Drive in Oak Island, following a 9 am business meeting.
It is free and visitors over age 18 are welcome.
The OIAG workshops are funded in part by the Brunswick Arts Council.
Claire Sallenger Martin    “Life Tales”  acrylics and ink   

Claire has a BA in Fine Art and has been a 27-year career GOLDSMITH in SW USA.   She is a past board member of the  Associated Artists of Southport. She has been the recipient of numerous 2D awards: Juried Shows: RFA, FALC, WAA, Artfields 2016, AAS, FAA,  Landfall,  Arboretum, PeeDee Regional Museum Exhibition and is a contributing jewelry designer for the Cameron Museum.

    She has been the featured Artist in many Gallery shows and is cataloged in more than 25 publications. She has studied with international artists Charles Reid, Mary Whyte, and George James.




Life Tales is an art exercise and method to create one’s own personal journey through a process of linear expression.  The end goal being to transfer the artist’s life experiences to a kite tail of images, symbols, and color.  The work of Joan Miro is a perfect example of this type of communication and expression.  There is a wealth of information in each of us to inspire our art.  Let your creative mind take over!

Claire describes the process as a personal linear drawing embellished with noodling, stamping, mask out, skins, words, dates, etc.  How you will portray a portion of your journey is a personal choice.

Workshop Supply List

Support :  Heavy paper such as Bristol, matt board, crescent, mixed media smooth paper taped to a drawing board – at least 2 small sizes or more.
Medium   fluid acrylics, (or you might use watercolor or gouach though faster drying acrylic is most helpful ) and inks of various colors:
gold, black, white, and fresh primary colors to keep out muddy mixtures.
Drawing Tools  various Sharpie pens, needlepoint fine pens, raw potato to make a blotter stamp, detail brush, wash brush, bamboo stick pens, brayer, old brush for gel medium
Miscellaneous  gel medium, water pan, palette, palette knife, tape, paper towels, Joan Miro pictures from the internet if you wish,  sketch pad for doodling,  HAIRDRYER

Preparation  Recall in your memory special phases of your life.  Childhood to present.           You will have a choice of doing a Life Tale or a self-portrait.

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