Congratulations to our winners of the recently held BAC Fall Art Show  at the Sunset River Marketplace, Sunset River Marketplace, 10283 Beach Drive SW, Calabash, NC 28467. Our judge was Russell Yerkes, AWS, NWS, TWSA and a Signature member of WSNC.Past President of the Watercolor Society of North Carolina, 2002-2004, 2009-2010 and 2013-2014. He  is an Honorary Member of Jiangsu Watercolor Research Institute Nanging, China. Russell has been exhibiting his unique style of watercolor’s around the country for over 25 years, winning many awards and accolades through his travels.


BAC Best in Show Award ($500): Susanne Ellett – Spirit Rising

First Place – 2D Award ($300): Terry Rosenfelder – Tete-A-Tete

First Place – 3D Award ($300): Joyce Grazetti- Clay Abstract

First Place – Photography Award ($300): Carmen Daughtry – Hidden

Gerloven Award ($100): Richard Staat – Beach Walk

Associated Artists of Southport Award ($100): Betty Garbarino – Climate Change

Oak Island Art Guild Award ($100): Cynthia Blake – Swamp Beauty

Waterway Art Association Award ($100): Don Bayshore – Along Taylors Creek

Merit Awards ($50): Linda Flynn – Sunrise at Sunset   Marta Macallum – The Journey    Patricia Graney- Conway Bridge               Ginny Lassiter  – Back Street    Roseanne Bellinger– The Gathering    Susan Dade – Regatta

Honorable Mention Awards ($25): Kathleen Durstevitz – Autumn in the Woods   Bryan Krpejs – Windows   Judy Moore- Beach Buddies    Diane Sloane  – Intense    Robert Godfrey– Seagulls   JoAnn Staat – Madam Cardinal







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