The Brunswick Arts Council is seeking nominations for the position of President and Vice-President. The President and Vice President will be elected via voting by the membership at the Annual Meeting of the Brunswick Arts Council on March 13, 2017. 
The Brunswick Arts Council is an all-volunteer non-profit organization whose mission is to support, promote, enhance and cultivate the Arts in Brunswick County and to make cultural events available to a broad range of county residents.  The BAC shall raise funds for these purposes and undertake services and activities to encourage participation, education and appreciation of the arts by the residents of Brunswick County.
The duties of the President and Vice-President are listed as follows, according to the official by-laws of the Brunswick Arts Council. 
The President shall conduct the business of the BAC for the purpose of achieving the goals, objectives and mission of the BAC.  These shall include the general authorities of the President, which shall be broadly defined and consistent with the usual and customary duties of a corporate President, subject to board approval.  
In addition, the President:
Shall preside over all BAC meetings.
May, in his/her discretion, appoint or remove committee chairpersons.
May, in his/her diiscretion, create and appoint or remove members to ad hoc committees.
Shall appoint a board member to become Secretary of the BAC and appoint a Board member to become Treasurer of the BAC.  Secretary and Treasurer shall be Offices of the BAC.
Shall appoint, and in his/her discretion may dismiss, each President of each Operating Division. In the event of the BAC President decides to remove a Division President, the BAC President shall first send written notice to the subject Division President, with copies to the Board of Directors, delineating the reasons(s) for dismissal. The effective date of dismissal shall be no sooner that 30 days form date of said dismissal notice, unless a majority the Board agrees to an earlier dismissal. 
The  Vice-President  shall perform the duties of the President in the absence or disability of the President, shall chair the Nominating Committee shall oversee activities of all operating , standing and adhoc committees to assure the success of those operations. 
Persons interested in these positions, can send resumes/ CVs to PO Box 6275, Ocean Isle Beach, NC 28469, or email to artsinbc@gmail.com.

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