The Brunswick Arts Council recently gave a donation to the theatre and drama departments of two Brunswick County schools. West Brunswick High School and North Brunswick High School each received a donation of $500. The funds were used to help secure the rights to plays performed by the students. Rights to the plays, especially musicals, are expensive, according to Jennifer Negron, West Brunswick High School Theatre Director. Students also hold fundraising events, such as car washes, throughout the year, but they welcome any assistance that they can get.

Kathleen Peck, Visual Arts teacher at Belville Elementary recently attended the North Carolina Arts Education Coordinators Spring Meeting. The registration for the event was covered by the BAC.

Members of the theatre departments from the schools and Ms Peck attended the May board of directors meeting to discuss how the funds were used.

From Left to Right:
Catherine Thomas, North Brunswick High School Theatre Director; Chase Coston, North Brunswick High School Senior Actor; Kathleen Peck, Belville Elementary School Visual Arts Teacher; Jennifer Creighton-Negron, West Brunswick High School Theatre Director

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