The Brunswick Arts Council Operating Divisions

The Brunswick Arts Council’s Board of Directors is committed to provide quality arts-related experiences and opportunities for all of Brunswick County’s culturally diverse residents. To accomplish this, an organizational structure has been devised encompassing six operational divisions. Each division works autonomously within the genre while collectively creating targeted programs for the benefit of Brunswick County residents.

Literary Arts Division

This division seeks to enrich lives through the creative expression of thoughts and feelings through the written word. In addition, emphasis is placed on mentoring young writers into published authors of all mediums through education and practical experience.

Grants and Development Divisions

The Grants and Development Division’s primary goals are to (1) educate the artist community on how to apply for and receive grants for community projects, (2) evaluate the merits and overall community benefit of potential arts projects that could be sponsored by the Brunswick Arts Council and (3) plan for future arts needs of Brunswick County. The division is responsible for administering the Grassroots Arts Program in accordance with current guidelines, policies, and requirements to ensure that every citizen has access to quality arts experience.

Performing Arts Division

This division promotes the performing arts in public schools and throughout Brunswick County. It provides workshops, directs theatrical productions and creates festivals in partnership with numerous local organizations for the arts. The division’s over riding goal is to entertain, enrich and educate Brunswick County residents of all ages through the performing arts.

Students Arts Education Division

In partnership with Brunswick County Schools, the Student Arts Education Division works in partnership with the Board of Education to increase awareness of the vital role the arts can play in teaching and learning by supporting school-level and countywide fine arts programs in various ways.

Visual Arts Divisions

The Mission of the Visual Arts Division is to promote, support, and participate in providing programs for the children, adults, and local organizations for the arts of Brunswick County that will encompass all forms of 2D and 3D visual arts.

Multicultural Programs Division

The mission of the Multicultural Division is to develop programs that will reach out to make a positive impact on minority residents and atrisk children, to search, and solicit membership in the BAC among minority communities, both organizational and individual, and to create awareness

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