The Associated Artists of Southport has announced the dates for its upcoming lecture series.
The lectures will be given by Hank Steffans Ph.D. Dr. Steffans is a retired professor from the University of Vermont. Lectures will begin at 5:30 PM each evening and run for one hour. All of the monies go towards the capital improvements of the historic building in which the gallery is located. The AAS rents the building for a minimal amount from the City of Southport.

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the gallery or by emailing Carol Kidd at

Here are the dates and subjects of the lectures:

August 30: Edgar Degas and Mary Cassat – Friends and Rivals
Degas and Cassat first met at the Louvre and became lifelong friends they artistically challenged one another throughout their careers.

September 20:  Claude Monet and the “Classic” Impressionists
Impressionism permanently changed Western art.  The impressionists were called rebels, although it is surprising today to realize this.  Focus on Monet and his art and that of several of his fellow rebels.

November 29: The Lady Impressionists:
Four women were artistic colleagues of the male Impressionists. They were considered real equals to the men and exhibited with them. Today they remain underappreciated and undervalued.

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